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-Handmade Contemporary Jewellery-

David welcomes personal commissions and enjoys consulting with clients to create their special piece. You can reach David via the Contacts page, and view his gallery and testimonials. Designs displayed in the gallery may be modified to feature new stones and materials, or reflect a client’s ideas.

“… David Parker designs embody a unique and exciting connection between head, heart and hand. His technical precision and clean lines are a result of sheer hard work, traditional training and years spent working with some of Australia's leading jewellers. His style comes from within and around him. A love of older, particularly art deco design and architecture, which he interprets with the passion and style of a modern sculptor to create pieces that are innovative, elegant, unique and exquisite.

David chooses to work with a number of precious metals and stones, exploring their attributes and limitations and forging them through skill, passion and technique into wearable works of art.”

― Courtesy of Sooper Design

“I’m committed to making jewellery of the highest standards. I believe the value of my work comes from the design, workmanship and attention to detail I put into the pieces I create.”

― David Parker.

Jewellery with an emphasis on line, precision, and originality. David’s characteristic style is modern, clean and elegant, with an Art Deco influence that incorporates sweeping curves and bold forms. His work showcases the colour and luminosity of stones by combining traditional and contemporary techniques.

David is also member of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia; an organization created to ensure that the finest Australian work can be recognized by its iconic hallmark stamp.

“ ... the Guild Mark - a symbol of excellence.”

“In 1988 a group of manufacturing jewellers, aware of the traditions and a need for a higher degree of consumer protection in the precious metals industry, instigated and formed The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia.

Guild Members' names and marks are permanently recorded, they abide by set standards of material and their work is clearly identified as genuinely made in Australia.

"It was the striking sharp lines and simplicity of your pieces that first drew us to your work. After meeting you for the first time we felt assured that the engagement ring and our wedding bands were in good hands.  You did not disappoint, we love them!! You were a pleasure during every step of the process. We have and will continue to recommend you and your designs to our family and friends. Thank you David for creating such individual pieces to suit our needs, and thank you for making our marriage symbolism sacred."
― Lara & Paola Luz.

"David Parker took on board the challenging project of remodelling the setting of my ring, following a string of failed attempts. He was able to envisage and interpret the complexity of the design that I had tried to express in words and a few sketches. Most importantly, he was able to guide the design with his high level of expertise, and transform a concept into a piece of art, undertaken with precision and excellence. The successful outcome appears deceivingly minimal, as all of the austere structural elements of the setting are expressed flawlessly. I was very impressed with David’s passion, expertise, craftsmanship, and exceptional ability to creatively visualise. He was a pleasure to work with, and I am thrilled with the ring."
― Caroline, Architect

"David, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all the extra effort you put in with my beautiful tension ring recently. The ring is stunning, I can't stop looking at it.  The stone is beautiful and the design is so unique and clever, it shows your commitment to making beautiful but unusual pieces.  I've never worn a piece of jewellery that has gotten so many compliments and demands from people to take it off so they can try it on too!!!  Thanks again for making such a special gift from my friends. It’s so beautiful and different, I love it!"
― Natalie Wooden

"As soon as I saw David’s collection, I knew that he would add invaluably to my rough design concepts. He took on the project as if it was his own, drawing on his ability to incorporate dimension and add his own artistic brilliance. David’s excellence in craftsmanship has produced a lasting, unique design. He is truly knowledgeable yet somehow manages to maintain a down-to-earth and professional manner. I was chuffed when the completed works were personally signed with their own dp stamp."
― Caleb Morris

"I instantly liked the style of David's rings but couldn't quite find the right one off the shelf. David was great in working out what else we could do and very open to my thoughts and ideas. I was stoked with the ring that he designed for me and have had nothing but compliments ever since."
― Chris Hotham

"Our consultation with David Parker was a very pleasant and positive experience. His designs are so clean and original it was easy to choose our rings from his comprehensive portfolio. We are extremely happy with them and we constantly receive positive comments about them. He is now our jeweller of choice."
― Virginia and Andrea

David Parker Jewellery. Melbourne & Chicago

Email: contact@davidparkerjewellery.com.au

Phone: Melbourne 0409 786 250 / Chicago 224 218 2475




In jewellery gold is referred to by what we know as the carat system. Pure gold proved to be too soft for some applications so it was alloyed or mixed with other metals for reasons of strength, durability and occasionally affordability. For example, 24 carat gold is pure gold or 1000 parts per thousand pure gold, 18 ct is 750 parts per thousand pure gold and 250 parts per thousand alloys. The color of alloyed gold can also be manipulated; by adding more white alloy white gold is produced and by adding more copper alloy rose or pink gold is produced. The metals used are pure silver, copper and a small amount of specialist metals.

Gold is found in large quantities in Australia and a number of other regions around the world. It was amongst the first metals ever used by man and has been regarded as the basis of currency and wealth for thousands of years. It is the most workable metal known to man and can be manipulated in countless ways.

24 Carat Gold - Pure or Alluvial Gold. Unlike all other gold 24 ct is not alloyed with other metals it is pure and possesses the unique luster that gold is so renowned for. It does not tarnish and maintains a magnificent rich golden hue. Many people believe it to soft to be used in jewellery, but in some circumstances with proper care and attention it is possible.

22 Carat Gold. 916 part per Thousand Pure Gold. 22 ct is a yellow gold that has been slightly alloyed to increase its strength and durability. It possesses a superb, deep golden color and is the highest carat gold commonly used in jewellery. It is a reasonably soft metal and this needs to be taken into account.

18 Carat - White, Yellow and Pink Gold. 750 parts per Thousand Pure Gold. 18 ct is generally considered the best and most versatile carat gold. It can be alloyed to a white, yellow or pink color – the different combination of alloys producing different colors. It is a strong, flexible and durable metal that provides an excellent rich color, is very resistant to tarnishing or oxidization and maintains an excellent polish.

9 Carat White, Yellow and Pink Gold. 375 parts per Thousand Pure Gold 9 ct is the least pure form of gold commonly used in jewellery but is still a valuable metal. It’s comparative inexpense compared to other gold can allow larger scale work to be attempted.


Platinum is a brilliantly white metal that possesses incredible strength, density and luster. It is the most valuable of the precious metals used in jewellery. Originally used mainly in settings because of its strength and expensive nature it became vogue in the early 20 th century as a status symbol. Platinum has been placed on controlled metals lists in the past because of its use in atomic weapons, but is freely available today. Platinum has always enjoyed a notable reputation for decadence and luxury. Platinum is predominantly found in North America and Russia.


Silver is a very versatile and comparatively inexpensive metal. It tarnishes or oxidizes very quickly, but does allow experimentation and a large scale that may other wise not be affordable. It is also able to be blackened to a dark grey or black color – which can highlight design features.


Titanium is a very light and very strong metal that can not be soldered, which can make its use in jewellery difficult. But with careful planning its gunmetal gray color can be a striking addition. It can also be treated to produce brilliant blue and purple colors.

There are many options when considering a gem stone, and often more than the color, size and cost needs to be taken into consideration.

“I’ve worked extensively with precious and semi - precious stones; and they all have their own strengths and limitations. It’s essential that you match the stone to the expectations and demands of the customer and not just send people on their way with a gem that for example, is to fragile to survive the way they intend to wear it.”

All stones have unique characteristics and to ensure that you get a stone that you love and that won’t disappoint you discuss your options with an expert. After years of setting and working with gem stones David Parker is well placed to offer you advice on any stones.

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